Holocaust Survivor Visits Local Jewish Congregation

Coenraad Rood, 85, considers himself lucky to be alive today.

He delivered an emotional message to members of the Jewish faith in Tyler. "We were told if you go to work and show us that you can work, that Jews are not lazy...you're family will be left alone," said Rood. "But, if you flee or don't report to a camp, you're family will get prison."

At 24-years old, Rood was sent to a Nazi work camp. He would spend three years surviving 11 different camps with little food and one pair of white overalls for clothing.

"What we got from the camp was not enough. What we got to eat was not enough to feed a baby, and we had to do hard labor out in the country."

Rood lost 81 extended family members in the holocaust including his brother and sister.

Rood's speech Sunday came at a time when the Jewish community is focused on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Ahavath Achim congregation is holding a rally in support of Israel Sunday, April 14 at 4:30 p.m. Local and state politicians, such as State Representative Leo Berman and Mayor Kevin Eltife will be in attendance.