Azalea Trail Ends

Every trail eventually comes to an end...and this year's Azalea Trail is no exception.

Tourists and East Texans walked the trail one last time Sunday before the trail officially closed. Organizers are leaving the signs up for two more weeks, so visitors can still find the flowers and Tyler's historic homes.

Tyler Chamber of Commerce says cold and wet weatherdid delay this year's Azalea Trail,but they'restill pleased with theturnout.  "We've been very pleased with the numbers we've had this year," said Dawn Parnell with Tyler Chamber of Commerce. "And we anticipate that we'll have good attendance figures. However,we do feel like the numbers will be down slightly due to the unusual weather we've had this year."

The chamber will not know just how well they've done until they get attendance figures from local hotels and retailers. They can, then, use those figures to calculate how many visitors came to Tyler and their economic impact.