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Merck Settles; East Texans Affected

It's considered one of the biggest settlement's ever in civil litigation as pharmaceutical giant Merck decides to pay up. The makers of the drug Vioxx agreed to pay 4.85 billion dollars to settle thousands of lawsuits. The drug was pulled from the market three years ago after claims it led to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke in its users. About 20 people here in East Texas filed law suits after suffering similar injuries.

"It's a great day for them, they finally will receive some closure of a case that has gone for the past three years. Most of these plaintiffs that we represent are wonderful people from here, from east Texas. A number of them suffered strokes which have caused paralysis. Two of them that I know are in wheelchairs now. Just, just the fact that they're going to get compensated at some point, it's sort of justice for them," says Allen Hossley with Hossley Embry law firm.

It's uncertain right now how many of the 20 clients here in East Texas will qualify for money in the settlement.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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