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Retirement Home Veterans Honored

Longview Retirement Home residents were honored for Veterans Day. The "Greatest Generation", World War II vets, are now dying at the rate of 1,100 or more every day.

"They didn't have to ask you to go serve their nation. You don't have to ask them to come visit them. This is veterans day weekend come see them," said American Legion Post 131 Commander Eric Cook.

Veterans at Highland Pines were honored for their service by American Legion Post 131 and and 140, with a solemn flag folding ceremony, and a tribute from American legion members.

"I feel real good about it," said retired Air Force Korean War veteran, M.R. Hawkins.

"Yeah, I feel proud. It's a good remembrance day. I'm glad to be part of it," said Korean War veteran Releford Barrett.

Though time has taken the mobility away from these veterans, their memories of what they did for this country are very much alive. At war again, many of the vets feel for the men who will soon make up a new generation of veterans.

"I feel sorry for them, because I know what they have to go through," said World War II veteran Jesse Allen.

Some can't walk, some can't even talk, but there's still something inside them that remembers and we should remember them.

"Today, I feel like somebody" said Allen.

19 veterans, including a World War II army nurse, are resident at Highland pines. Sadly 77 year old Daniel Hill, an Air Force veteran, who would have been honored, died early this morning. His name was mentioned among the veterans at the ceremony.

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