Suspicious Fire Destroys Apartment

A mother and her two children fled from their Tyler Square Apartment after someone alledgedly threw what's believed to be a "malatov cocktail"-type excellerant  into a bedroom.

Latonia Taylor was in her living room when her kids ran from the bedroom, saying someone threw fire through a bedroom window.

Taylor's three and six year old were jumping on the bed when the fireball was thrown into the room. Taylor says a blaze erupted in the room, and she and her kids escaped before flames consumed the rest of the apartment.

It took six fire units fifteen minutes to extinguish the flames.

Smoke from the fire damaged the exterior of neighboring apartments. The Taylor family lost everything.

"I'm hurt cause it could have been my kids," said Taylor. "Why I don't know they did it--who did it I don't know. Just so hurt, I don't have nothing....nothing, nothing but my kids."

Investigators are still working on the case, but say what they've found so far is highly suspicious. Latonia says she does not have any enemies and does not know who could have done this.