Investigation into Panola County Disappearance

It was eight years ago that twenty one year old Jeannie disappeared in Panola County, and investigators are still trying to find out why. Jeannie had two boys, two year old Tanner and six month old Wesley at the time she disappeared. Authorities and family members believe Lofton met with foul play, and her family is tormented everyday from the helplessness of not knowing what happened. Jeannie had been in a stormy marriage with husband Chip, and was in the process of getting a divorce. On April 2, 1994 she borrowed her mother's car to pick up a prescription at a Carthage drug store... And was never seen again. A day after Lofton disappeared in the parking lot of a small church a few miles from Carthage her vehicle was found... Her purse, sunglasses, and prescription bottle inside... New information provided to investigators now have them checking several oil fields for Lofton's body. Agents from the F.B.I., East Texas violent crimes task force and Texas Rangers have joined the case, interviewing all the original witnesses. Sheriffs say they do have suspects in the disappearance. Authorities are asking that anyone who has information that could help the investigation, please call the Panola County Sheriffs Department.