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A Better East Texas: A New Brand Of Redneck

Redneck is a term associated with many Texans and it's usually not in a flattering light.

Well it seems "rednecks" have redefined themselves of late. One college professor describes them as the hippies of the 21st century saying, "...They do their own thing, regardless of what any blue nose thinks about it."

I was raised in a small central texas town and I am sure there are times when I do things that others may associate with rednecks.

I mean I'll take a chicken fried steak at a greasy spoon over a 5 star restaurant any day of the week, especially on saturday night! Just like any group they have their extremists and in this case that might include racists and the habitually unemployed. But there are positive characteristics many in this group share that don't usually draw much media attention. For example, they're patriotic. I've never a met a "redneck" who wouldn't fight or cry for our flag. And I wouldn't be surprised that's one reason why you don't find many taliban running around rural East Texas. They're also loyal, to their principles, their brand of beer, their music, their close friends and their family.   I say let's give this new brand of redneck a break and celebrate the qualities they have that make this a better east Texas.

Viewer Comments:

What exactly is a Red Neck?  Growing up I thought the term referred to farmers who were in the sun a lot.  Their faces and necks were red from so much exposure to the sun.  Now the term seems to be associated with people who display the Confederate flag.  It seems to be associated with something Jeff Foxworthy used to say until he became the host of Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?.  I guess The Dukes of Hazzard may be what some people consider Red Necks.  The term makes some people think of dirty unshaven men with guns behind the seats of their pick-up trucks.  In any case, it is not usually considered a compliment to be called a Red Neck.

Personally, I am proud to be "country".  I am proud of coming from a small town where people are valued for their character, not for their possessions.  I have known several people who were considered pretty important by most people's standards.  These people are not the ones who have a problem with "country" people like me.  It is the "Wanta Bees" who must always feel they are better than someone else.

Your friend (I think), Mary

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