Teacher's Wife Allegedly Gives Prescription Drugs To Students

Gladewater police say a former substitute teacher at Gladewater High School, allegedly gave prescription drugs to a senior who attends the school.

31-year-old Suzanne Crews turned herself in to officers. Police say she's admitted to giving 450 pills of the prescription painkiller hydrocodone to the student. Crews' husband, Brian, is currently a print shop teacher at the high school.

According to the arrest affidavit, Suzanne Crews admitted to taking the pills from Walker's Pharmacy in Gladewater, where she was working at the time. This is the same pharmacy that burned down last february, believed to be a case of arson and burglary.

Gordon Freeman of the Gladewater Police department says Crews did not sell the drugs, but she did give them to the teen off campus. "The student met her or saw her at a football game. He asked her about some pills and she--a couple of days, weeks later, actually delivered the pills to him."

Gladewater police are still investigating this case, they believe more than one student could be involved. If convicted of the first degree felony charges in the indictment, Crews could be facing anywhere from 5 to 99 years in prison.