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11/8/7 - Quitman

Brothers Square Off In Quitman - Winnsboro Rivalry

Friday night, it's a family feud. For the second and final year, brothers line up on opposite sides of the line in the Quitman-Winnsboro game.

"At first I didn't want to hit him, because he's my little brother," Winnsboro running back Tommy Evans said, "but it's a competition between both of us. We just fight it out all the time."

Last year, the two brothers, tommy the older and lance the younger, played for the first time. Winnsboro won, and Tommy scored a touchdown by knocking down his brother on the way to the end zone.

"He whipped us pretty bad last year," Lance said. "He's been mouthing pretty bad about it. Last year didn't go so good."

"I called him yesterday," Tommy said. "He said I know you ran me over last year, but it ain't gonna be this time."

For the family, they call it right down the middle. They wear t-shirts that support both brothers, and say they'll cheer for both.

"I want Lance to have a great game," their aunt Robin Ivery said. " I want Winnsboro to have a great game because I'm from here, but I definitely want Lance to have a good game. And I don't want either of them to get hurt."

"If either is slow getting hurt, we'll be going nuts."

When the game is over, they're still family and this last meeting on the field is to be savored.

"That's why I guess we're making such a big deal out of it," Ivery said. "This is their last time to play at this level against each other."

"It's exciting, but it's really sad."

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