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Harleton Honors Area Veterans

      An East Texas town turns out to say thank you to it's veterans from all generations. The small town of Harleton held it's annual salute to veterans today at the high school auditorium. From the weathered faces of old warriors, to those who serve our country now, all were honored at the 12th annual veterans day ceremony at Harleton.

    "It means a lot you know just go back and remember them that's what I like to do" said World War II Marine veteran Howard Alexander.

    For many in Harleton, the call to duty has spanned many generations.

     "It makes me very proud that we are Americans and that our men are out there fighting for us" said Joy Hughes, who's father was a World War II veteran and nephew was a Gulf War veteran.

     "It hits a little special with me, I was wounded in Vietnam and have had some injuries that I've lived with all my life , but you think of the ones we've lost" said Vietnam veteran Pat Wright.

     In a moving ceremony , the role was called of men and women from Harleton who have served from the civil war through today. As military hymns were played, veterans stood and were recognized.

    "Freedom of press, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, they protected it for us, and we need to come together and say thank you to them" said judge Jim Ammerman, a former Green Beret.

    For veterans , it's a chance to educate young people, who haven't had to fight for anything yet, on what real commitment is. According to the State Department, there are more than 17-million living veterans of wars in the United States.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com.

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