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11/08/07-San Diego

Weather Channel Founder Disputes Global Warming Claims

The following statements are from weather channel founder and san diego meteorologist, John Coleman:

The frenzy about global warming is wildly exaggerated.   The constant hype borders on ridiculous.   Global warming is about science; the science of meteorology.  It is not an environmental issue or a political point of view.   It is not something you "believe in".   It is either a scientific fact or it isn't.   And, after reading dozens of scientific papers on the topic I am absolutely convinced that there is no global warming crisis.

I am a member of Icecap.US, a website that posts materials that refute the global warming hype.   Here is what I have to say about global warming and wildfires and hurricanes, droughts and heat waves:  whatever happens, they blame it on global warming.  

A group of scientists with extreme political and/or environmental agendas has linked the recent wildfires with global warming.  They don't have any real scientific proof; they haven't done any detailed, peer reviewed research.  They simply link it all together based on their version of how things work.

Similarly scientists in the spring predicted a super bad hurricane season with a bevy of major hurricanes and linked the coming armageddon with global warming.  The hurricanes didn't happen.  The activist scientists haven't apologized, taken back or explained their error.  The same scientists are busy linking droughts and hot spells and tornado outbreaks to global warming. 

If you listen to them, if it weren't for global warming, the world would be tranquil with no weather extremes.  Such nonsense.  First of all, there is precious little if any global warming.  Temperatures, on average, world wide have increased perhaps as much as a degree in the last 100 years.  And, even that increase is based on questionable science. 

Second of all, any link between this minor warmup and human pollution, particularly carbon dioxide, has not been proven.  Efforts to link warming with CO2 have been proven to be invalid.  In fact, no one has successfully separated the influence of man's activities and nature variations in any changes in the climate.

This doesn't mean that protecting our environment, cleaning our air and water and working to eliminate polluting engines and power systems are not high priority goals of merit.  Fossil fuel and internal combustion engines need to replaced by cleaner power sources as soon as possible.  Oil and coal fired power generating needs to phased out as we make solar and wind power generation practical and effective.  Desalination of ocean water needs to be a high priority as well.  Reforestation and preservation of wild lands and endangered species are all environmental goals of merit.  But, manufacturing a huge frenzy and scare about highly questionable global warming is a distortion of science and plain dishonest.  

I have read dozens of papers and articles and dissertations about climate change.  I have concluded, that any climate change underway is not a crisis, the sky is not falling.  And, natural cycles and drifts in climate are as much if not more responsible for any climate changes underway. 

I strongly believe that the next twenty years are equally as likely to see a cooling trend as they are to see a warming trend.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.


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