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Popular Toy Recalled After It Contains Potentially Killer Chemical

It's considered one of the hottest toys for the upcoming Christmas season but now, it's being pulled off shelves. AquaDots, another toy made in China, is being recalled because of a potentially deadly chemical reaction.

AquaDots are supposed to be a fun way for kids to get crafty. But the popular toy may be coated in a killer chemical. Several children have gotten dangerously ill after putting the beads in their mouths, and swallowing the coating.

UT Tyler pediatrician Monique Mills says that coating then metabolizes into a chemical similar to the date rape drug GHB, which can cause coma, seizures, and even death.

"You can imagine that in varying dosages particularly in a very small child...those kids are going to be at risk for developing some very significant neurological issues. It's extremely dangerous," Dr. Mills explains.

The toy is made in China and sold around the world. It is believed the Chinese manufacturer substituted a toxic glue for the safe glue it was supposed to use. At least five children have swallowed the beads and ended up in the hospital, including Shelby Esses' son, Jacob.

"He started weaving like he was drunk.  He was pretty limp, and then he started vomiting and that's when we knew what he had eaten and that things were pretty bad," Shelby describes.

Jacob is okay, but the case has many parents worried.

The consumer product safety commission and the toy's distributor have announced a voluntary recall of all models of AquaDots.

Parents are strongly urged to take the toy away from children.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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