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The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants

Over the course of a 10 game football season, there is a lot that one pair of pants can endure.

For example the Texas heat and post game celebrations.

But there is one pair of pants in Kilgore that may experienced more than its fair share of sideline glory. Their owner is Kilgore Rangers head coach J.J. Eckert.

Not even Coach Eckert can explain this one.

"It's ridiculous, it's not even funny," he said with a laugh. " It's just a superstitious trait that's probably not good to have."

For the Rangers stellar season, Coach Eckert has worn the same pants each game day. But it doesn't end there. He must take those same lucky pants to the same cleaners on a specific day and pick them up on Friday's.

KLTV 7 Sports Director Maya Golden asked a simple question and received a simple answer.

"Would you ever use a different cleaners?"


It is the same with practice attire. The superstitious routine is exhausting even for Eckert.

"I've got this outfit I wear for certain weather or an outfit I wear on Tuesday. I can't wait till some normalcy comes back! I grew up in a football family so I've had these crazy superstitions and I probably got it from my dad. The sad thing is the rest of the coaches are like that too. Every Wednesday here they come with Thanksgiving lunch. They've got all these huge deals of food and they get their hair cut every Wednesday."

There was a dirty, and we do mean a dirty rumor circulating that the pants never get washed.

"That's not true," Coach Eckert laughed. "I don't know where that came from but someone has a good story going."

If you are wondering, the superstition does not, well it does not go beyond the pants...

Coach Eckert and his favorite khakis pants will be on the sidelines for Saturday's Southwest Junior College Conference Championship game at 3 p.m. against Navarro.
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