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Does The City Have Your Unclaimed Property?

The City of Tyler is looking for more than 90 people as part of the effort to return $2,800 in unclaimed property to its rightful owners. 

The City is publishing the list of people for whom they are holding unclaimed property valued at $100 or less. 

  To establish a claim on this property, the owner listed must complete a claim form which can be obtained at the City Clerk's office (215 N. Bonner) or online at .

Here's the list:

Abraham, Jeremy A.

George, Robin M.

Pettigrew, Ruth J.

Baley, Lee

Haine, Chuck

Pineda, Gustavo C.

Balser Homes

Halbraith, Christy

Pools Used Cars, Inc.

Balsters, Darius J.

Hass, Brandon D.

Ray, Rob

Barker, John

Hayes, Bradley


Batie, Pamela

Heredia, Alan D.

Richardson, Kevin W.

Beckham, Kenneth

Holly, Clifford

Roquemore's Hardware

Beltran, Carlos

Hoyer, Kenneth R.

Rowe, Terrie G.

Bierig, Gary Lee

Jackson, Dorothy L.

Rowland, Scotty

Bircher, Jamie R.

Jared, Regina C.

Ruff, Jason

Birdow, Vernesssa A.

Johnson, Larry W.

Russell, Lisa

Brooks, Meagan

Kilgore College Bookstore

Slaton, James

Browne, Tracye


Sparks, Gretta

Bryant, Donald

Lacy, Manuel D.

Stovall, Angie

Camacho, Mark

Lann, Robert D.

Taylor, Daniel

Carnes, Lori

Lemmons, James V.

Texas Assoc of Fire Educators

Castillo, Emelio C.

Lindale Rural Water

Thomas, Shawn V.

Clingfost, Trey

Loans, Delta

Tidwell, Ralph

Coffey, Francis

Martell, Ellen

Tims, Justin

Day, Shelia

Martin, Beverly

Tran, Minh Van

Dinwiddie, Robert

Master Carpet Care

Trophy Room

Downs, William C.


Trotter, Mary E.

Ekvall & Byrne, LLP

Moore, Ardon

Tsuji, Shigeo

Epplen, Dale

Nguyen, Phudoc

Tyra, Thomas S.

Evans, Gregory

Nugrea, Valerie

Valdez, Eric

Express Truck & Equipment

Ortiz, Miram

Villareal, Thomas A.

Foster, Melissa A.

Pankratz, Karl

Welch, Leigh

Franklin, Lynda

Parsons, James E.,  III

Wynn, Alex C.

Gabbard, Dave T.

Patel, Franklin

Zavaleta, Alfonzo

Gallacher Investment

Patino, Juan

Garcia, Eulacio M.

Perez, Terresa L.


For questions pertaining to unclaimed property, please contact Daniel Crawford, chief financial officer for the City of Tyler, at 903-531-1140. 

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