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Bond Opponents Say Voters Rejected Over-Inflated Project

Even though they won, opponents of the Smith County Jail bond election say they won't be doing any celebrating.

They say Tuesday night was a disappointing night for Smith County.  Opponents told KLTV 7 News there has to be a change in mindset at the leadership level in Smith County.  Of course, a jail bond was defeated once before, and opposition leaders like former Smith County Commissioner David Stein wonder why those pushing this bond this time believed it would pass.

Past bond elections for the jail and Tyler ISD have failed.  And the opposition says it's now proven that voters won't bite when the price tag is too high, especially right after their leaders vote themselves a pay raise.  

"This plan was too expensive. The way the financing was done, we took the most expensive route.  [Commissioners] need to demonstrate fiscal conservatism, that may not last as long a scope.  They need to come up with a five, seven, or eight-year plan, but something the voters will go for," said Stein.

Also opposed to the bond proposal, Tyler citizen Bobby Curtis said the proposal was just too large, in light of where county money is being spent.

"I don't know where [the plan] got off track, but it got off track, and way out-of-proportion to where it needed to have been.  The pay raise -- I don't know whose idea it was, but the timing couldn't have been worse.  [It was], you know, poor judgement and lack of confidence by the voters," he said.

Reported by Morgan Palmer,  

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