Daycare Closes

Paul and Dayl Lynn Shaddock thought they had found the perfect place for their children. Until two days ago, when they got a letter from the Colonial Hills Christian Academy saying it's doors would close within the month, "Well it took us several months to just to find Colonial Hills and wait for an opening." Paul explains.

Now forced to find a new daycare, the Shaddocks are also searching for an explanation, "Why is this happening in the first place?" Dayl Lynn wonders. "Are they thinking of the children?"

The Shaddocks aren't alone in those feelings. Over fifty children who attend the daycare are in the same situation. Tina Weston says her son Colin has been with the daycare for nearly two years. Suddenly, he'll be taken from a place he feels comfortable and she's left juggling her schedule, "I'm having to take off work to go find somewhere to put him."

We spoke with Pastor Robert Carter, hoping to find some answers for the families. He said the school wants to get away from being a daycare, and focus on becoming more of an "academy". The only way to do that is start from scratch. But parents like Dayl Lynn are just pleading for some extra time. Pastor Carter says it would work anyway, "You've got kids here without teachers here, " He explains. "The teachers aren't going to hold on another month, when they hear your going to suspend operations...they're going to leave."