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Lake Residents Crowd Tyler 21 P&Z Meeting

An agreement late this afternoon to work on a tax proposal plan that had some East Texans outraged.

Lake Tyler residents were upset over part of the plan that would make them pay more money for public park improvements and public lake access.

About 150 to 200 residents turned out for the meeting today, to say this was unfair, and unethical.

"We give so much to the City of Tyler and yet the city feels like we give enough," said Rohn Boone, Lake Tyler Lease Holders,"Because we have the luxury of living on the lake. We paid for that right. They feel like when we sell our property we have to give a percentage of that to the city."

Now, this afternoon's resolution will still have to be voted on by the Tyler City Council.

That vote is set for November 14th.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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