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Read The Letters To Santa

Santa, this year i think i want a golf cart that is electric.An idog (the new one)and if your elves can make one that is green that would be great!Pink & white striped sweater with scarf,pink leoperd faux-fur coat,a girl elf costume for my Build-A-Bears.Moon shoes.CSI crime investigation kit and a portible DVD player.The most important gift that i want this year is joy and love to everyone!

~ Mariah (under 18)


I wish my family will have agood christmas,and i wish i could have a Apple iPhone.
~Genaro (Age 30-34)


Patti would like a play broom and mop.  She would also like a new baby to play with.  She has been a very good little girl.  She is so happy all the time, laughing and playing all day.  She loves sponge bob.

~Patti (under 18)


Dear Santa

  I have tried to be a good boy. I would like to have some Diego or Power Ranger toys, Can't wait till you come and bring toys to all the kids.

~Love, Cobie (under 18)

P.S. Will you bring my sissy something with a princess on it!?!


 I really want my first bike for Christmas. I also need a helmet to ride my new bike.  I like puzzles also.  Thank you Santa.

~Madison (under 18)

Hi Santa, you are always so jolly, my dad says its because you have so many employees (the elves) that work for free and that your tummy is big because Mrs. Clause must be a pretty good cook.  Anyway, I asked for a playstation 3 system or a xbox 360 last year and didn't get either. Im going to ask again this year to PLEASE bring me one of them, I have been good as much as I can.  I am on green or yellow in class more for not talking, instead of red.  Remember I have made an A on every spelling test since kindergarden. 
~THANK you, C.J (under 18)


Dear Santa,  I think I have been really good this year. Mom says that if I wasn't I wouldn't get any I have been nice to my sisters stickers for my chart.

 Since I think I have been good, I would really like to have a Computer of my own for Christmas this year. Mom and dad say I will have to wait til they have the money for it.

I would also like to have some new books. Mom homeschools us and I could use some new 4th and 5th grade books.

I love you Santa, I cant wait til Christmas.

oh Santa I forgot to ask for something for my sisters too. My sister Amanda would like to have new games for her VSmile game. And my little sister Samantha would really like to have the puppy toy that grows up with you. Oh and new school books for them too.

~Brandi (under 18)


Dear Santa,

   I know that I might be alittle old for this, but I have a big wish this year. It wieghs heavy on my heart for this one wish. My husband and I have been together for thirteen years and over this time, my husband, Coy, has become over wieght. We have waited, checked into, and done everything that you can think of, for him to lose wieght. Nothing has worked, until this year, Coy's insurance has finally approved him to have the bi-pass surgery. He's very excited and the doctor has put him on a diet for 3 months. Now he has to go to these other doctors to have a lot of different test done. Well, everything was going good and sounding good, until I was told at my job that we're going to have to cut hours. That's not so good. With the hours cut on my part, it looks like he won't be able to have the surgery now. This year for Christmas, I would like to have things to work out, so he can continue as planned, to have the surgery done.  A big prayer from Santa.

Thank you,
~  Amy (over 18)

Dear Santa, I know I am  a little old to be writing to you,however as long as I belive it is still ok. My dad is in the hospital with brain cancer and we are facing the fact that he might not make it  even with the chemotheraphy he is taking. So, as this may be my dads last christmas I was hopeing that you could bless him with a nice christmas. My  dad and mom have no car . They are living with my sister who has one car for four people to use .My dad has to go to the doctors offices three days a week. When he is not going to the doctors he is in the hospital for seven to ten days for chemotherapy.I love my dad and it would be great if he had a used car. It does not have to be very nice or anything just a car to get them around.I know you will help if you can .Thank you for your time and concern.

~Danise (over 18)

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