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Philly Stakes: Analyst Breaks Down Eagles Win, Looks To Giant Matchup

KLTV 7 NFL Analyst Lemuel Stinson and Sports Director Maya Golden take a close look at the Cowboys win over the Giants and the remaining games on the schedule.

Maya: Philly, that game was supposed to be a little closer than what it ended up being... Lemuel: Yeah, I thought that game would be a little tougher. Philly didn't play good at all. They played like they were a little nervous and a little scared and trying to stop TO more than anything.

Maya: When you gear up for a game like that, how much of that is a factor because for him, TO, we can sugar coat it, but it is a revenge thing.
Lemuel: Oh yeah. TO wanted to be in Philly, he probably wanted to get there a day early and he probably wanted to do everything he could possibly do to make sure he made Philly sick.

Maya: Out of the Giants and the Redskins, who do you see playing the Cowboys the toughest? Lemuel: I would say the Giants are going to play them the toughest but the Redskins, it's going to be a brutal game when they play the Redskins because that defense, they love to hit.

Maya: How big of a factor is the weather and the atmosphere in New York at this time of the year?
Lemuel: Well Dallas has to go there, and when I was in Chicago Dallas came and actually beat us in the cold weather, so they're going to have to get adapted to that climate up there. It may be snow on the ground, it may not be but it's tough for a warm weather team to go and play against a cold weather team.

Maya: How was it for you making that adjustment to playing in Chicago after growing up in Texas?
Lemuel: We put a lot of Vaseline on our hands and on our feet.

Maya: The second half of the season being so important for the Cowboys in how they come out do you still see them being able to make it to at least the NFC championship game?
Lemuel: I think Dallas will probably make it to the NFC championship. Wade has them running well and it's nothing that I think will stop them from getting there.  

Cowboys and Giants play their second game of the season this Sunday. Just a reminder the game time was changed. It is now a 3:15pm kickoff.
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