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New Details On Amazing Well Rescue

It's something they train for every week, but never imagine they would find themselves in the middle of.  Monday, we hear from the firefighters who pulled an East Texas woman out of a well.  KLTV first told you about the well rescue Sunday night at a home just outside Lindale.  The woman has asked firefighter's not to release her name.  It took about two hours to get the 32 year old woman out of the 65 foot well, and firefighters say she is lucky to be alive. 

It's all smiles at the Lindale Fire Department Monday afternoon, knowing all their training and hard work has paid off.

"I'm very pleased with how everything turned out,"said Lindale Firefighter Chris Mahler.  Mahler was right in the middle of the action yesterday, the man chosen to go down in the well.  When he got there Sunday, Mahler says the woman was 65 feet down in the well, holding on to a thin piece of rope and treading water.  Firefighters say they knew then it was a rescue mission, and immediately began setting up the equipment needed to get the woman out safely.

"We actually had a couple of things working against us," said Lindale Firefighter Jay Brooks.  "We had an older well that had some you know rotten wood, so we were dealing with that, and we also had I guess you could say a five foot wall around the well."  The other issue, the well was inside a shed forcing firefighters to cut a hole in the roof for extra support.  It was a challenge firefighters were able to overcome, and with a harness and several ropes it was time for Mahler to go down.

"It was very dark and cold," said Mahler.  "The water was about 60 or 65 degrees.  We had to put a harness on her in the water and put the ropes on her and hoisted her out, and then they took me out."  Firefighters say they are still unsure exactly how the woman ended up in the well.  Right now, they believe the woman's mother helped lower her down to clean up some debris.  Firefighters say their main concern was just getting her out.

"When we pulled her out and actually took her over the well, that was just a great feeling and a sigh of relief," said Brooks. 

"I could not have not done it without them," said Mahler.  "Personally, I don't feel like I'm the only one that did something good."  A team effort, the Lindale Fire Department says they are always ready to do again.

Fortunately, firefighters say the woman was not injured, just a little shaken and cold. Firefighters do want to remind people who may have these older wells to keep them covered and never attempt to go down in one.

Molly Reuter, Reporting


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