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A Better East Texas: Immigration Law In Oklahoma

A tough immigration law is now in effect in Oklahoma and it may soon affect you.

Because Texas  borders Oklahoma, this crackdown on illegal immigrants is sure to make Texas a "sanctuary by abdication", or more appropriately a good place to run for illegal immigrants.

History has proven that when local officials enforce tougher laws illegal immigrants run to places with more leniencies. In this case, Texas is the most likely candidate. This new law creates another border  that's more difficult to get through than the border between Texas and Mexico. That makes us a prime location because nothing has been done by Texas legislators to prevent it. This will not only compound the problem here but create an additional burden for Texas taxpayers.

And we know the feds aren't going to do anything about it, that's why Oklahoma created this law in the first place.

Texas leaders need to get off the sidelines and get into the game. Show some leadership. Make this a better east texas!

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Mr. Streit,

Thank you very much for your strong message this morning.  My husband and I agree with you 100%.  We have owned a business in Longview for 22 years (A#1 Trophies & Plaques).  Our location is on Pine Tree Rd.  This was once a thriving area but in the last few years has become like a little Mexico.  Maybe we should send our Texas lawmakers to Oklahoma for a few lessons in United States citizenship.  Again, thank you for your concern - you are not the only one who is mad.

Sincerely, Johnny

Every editorial I have even seen I must say I have agreed with Brad Streit's comments.  Yesterday's should have been on national news regarding immigration but no, they don't do the truth. I had heard about the Oklahoma law but it had been by e-mail and one can never be sure about those and I am glad to know that they had the backbone to do something about this out of control situation.  We are a bunch of wimps and we are and will reap the results of that.  What  happened to paying the consequences for breaking the law? Thanks for all your comments and especially this one now.


Brad:  Thank you for your informative view on the immigration problem.  I hope Many others see the commentary and are provoked to ask "what can we do?"

Which is why I'm e-mailing you.  How do you suggest we can collectively make a difference as a voice to Texas Lawmakers?


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