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Freedom Fighters: Homer Garrett

Homer Garrett went into the Army at the age of nineteen. The year was 1943 and World War Two was raging. Garrett was in the second wave of soldiers to be loaded into LST's for the invasion of Normandy. But his LST hit a mine, killing most aboard and breaking the craft in two. Over 400 lost their lives and the blast would go down as one of the worst Naval disasters of World War Two.

Garrett was blown into the air. When he was rescued, he was holding on to the LST railing. He remembers going up into the air but doesn't remember coming down.

Garrett wounds were life threatening. He spent most of that year in hospitals in England and America.

In spite of his suffering, Homer Garrett says he'd "do it all over again for his country."

Joan Hallmark, Reporting 

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