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11/2/07-Smith County

Man Gunned Down On East Texas Highway

An East Texas man is gunned down in his car and investigators are now trying to unravel who was behind the violent attack. We have learned the identity of the man who was killed in the overnight shooting. Sheriff's deputies say Price Horton, 21, of Gilmer was shot and killed around two o'clock Friday morning as he was driving along highway 155, near Chapman Road in Smith County.

A 100-yard stretch of that highway was blocked off for more than 10 hours Friday due to the investigation.  Investigators are calling the shooting intentional, saying the shooter or shooters specifically targeted Horton.

Investigators sift through a sea of yellow evidence flags--104 to be exact--and a white sedan covered in bullet holes. So many were rounds shot, it woke up those in nearby homes.

"It sounded like a whole packet of fireworks, you know, perhaps 20 shots, and I thought about it for a minute and I thought I don't think it's gunfire because it just had too much to it," says Sherrie Ricchiuti, a nearby neighbor.

"At least 60 [shots]. I'm sure there's more because there's going to be certain casings that flew out into the ditch and that we haven't been able to find, but we have accounted for at least 60," says Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith.

Smith says with that many shots fired, this was no random shooting.

"It's obvious they knew who they were shooting at, this was not a random drive-by, they knew their target and that's who they were going after," he explains.

Smith says because of the ongoing investigation, he cannot release specific details, except for Horton's death. Amazingly, the passenger, Horton's cousin, was not hurt.

"They left a local tavern, club this morning around two this morning and were headed home to the Gilmer/Pittsburg area," Smith says.

He says they were probably followed from that club, the New Reo. 

"We think there probably could be two shooters. It was either two shooters or a fully-automatic weapon. One of the two," he says.

We have discovered the driver, Price Horton, has a criminal history in Upshur County, including a theft charge and a burglary charge

At this point, investigators do not know if his criminal past has anything to do with the shooting, but they told us, they do have a suspect in mind.

Price Horton's body has been sent to Dallas for an autopsy. Investigators are waiting on ballistics results to determine if one of two shooters were involved.

Tracy Watler, Reporting

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