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Council Approves Final Plan For New Academy Sports And Outdoors

It was the last time for some residents to express their concerns, Thursday, at the Tyler City Council meeting.  

"I'm not against Academy," said Kara Camp, a Cumberland Road resident.  "I am against the access into our neighborhood and the way the access is being planned."

Others expressed their approval of the final site plan.  Randy Hanson with the Tyler Business Group said those opposed to the access and the entrance being made on Cumberland Road are against the project in its entirety.

At the heart of the issue are two cut-ins into the future Academy parking lot--access points which some residents said would bring unwanted traffic to the Cumberland area.  Some said those cut-ins are crucial, not only to the future of the development, but to the safety of the citizens of Tyler.  

Bobby Curtis, chairman of the Tyler Planning and Zoning Commission, said situations like the one at Rieck Road and Broadway should be avoided--too much congestion and not enough access to businesses and restaurants. 

He said planning for the future is the best way to prevent those types of messes.

"We made sure we set aside enough right of way so they can put enough lanes [in] so that it cannot be congested," said Curtis.  Curtis said short-term feelings should not get in the way of long-term decisions.  

"Two years from now, those people will come up and thank Mayor Seeber, and they'll come up and thank me for putting that second access in there because it'll make it safer," he said.

Before the meeting, members of the Tyler Business Group presented a letter to the city, asking Council member Charles Alworth to abstain from voting because his residents on Cumberland posed potential conflict of interest.

But the city and Alworth said he has every legal right to vote.

"That is the equivalent of telling Senator Eltife that he cannot vote in the State Senate on issues involving the citizens of Tyler," Alworth said.  Alworth has been outspoken about his opposition to the final plan, but ended up voting in favor of the plan at today's meeting.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.


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