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A Better East Texas: Smith County Jail Down To The Vote

The debate over the new jail is a hot topic. There's no doubt about that. And when considering a subject for this editorial, there really was no other choice. Interestingly, I've had people from both sides of the debate, trying to sway my decision, in an effort to sway yours. Then I got to thinking. While I have a unique opportunity to address the community in this forum, am I really your guy? Am I really smarter or better informed than all of you to come out one way or another on this issue? Maybe it's just my conscience getting the best of me, but doesn't ME telling YOU which way to vote make me just another spin doctor? And to say that I know what is best for all of you is, frankly, ridiculous. The purpose of this segment isn't to spin political views. It is to ask questions, spark conversations, maybe even encourage some friendly debate. It isn't to tell you how to think - or vote. Like many of you, I am still looking at both sides. The commissioner's court has lost my confidence due to some very poor decisions and leadership. On the flip side, I agree that we desperately need a new jail. So, what is an upstanding, caring citizen of this community to do? I hope you do what I am doing. Get involved. Read all you can. Listen to both sides. Then, together, let's make the best decision we can, based on the facts. I have confidence in us, and I hope that together, we can make this a better East Texas

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