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Halloween Costume Gets Cheers And Jeers

It's one of many costume contests in East Texas this Halloween at the Kilgore College of Cosmetology in Longview.

Student Leslie Higdon's character: Rapper and reality-show star Flavor Flav.

"For the past two to three years Flavor Flav has been in the media with the show "Flavor of Love" of course everyone knows who he is," says Higdon.

Flavor Flav's flashy personality includes lots of bling, funny glasses and the signature clock around his neck.

Higdon says she wanted to capture every essence of his style including his race.

"I just felt like it was part of the whole costume.  You wouldn't wear a werewolf costume without hair on your face you know so why not put color on my face too. I didn't feel like it was anything I was doing that was wrong," Higdon says.

Fellow student Candace Williams says, "My concern merely with the costume was that she decided that it was necessary to paint her face brown to get the fullness of Flavor Flav."

Williams says that's not only offensive but crosses the line.

"To me it's reminiscent of minstrel shows. It's reminiscent of foolishness and buffoonery," says Williams.

Higdon adds, "It wasn't to hurt anybody else. And it sure wasn't to make any sort of racial statement whatsoever."

Williams says there were other students who didn't like the costume either, but says she's the only one who will speak up. She took her concerns to school officials.

So what says the Kilgore College of Cosmetology?

We spoke with the dean who says they are sensitive to the concerns of their students. Because of this incident they are looking at changing some of the guidelines for the costume contest next year.

Higdon says she only did this for fun and did get a lot of positive feedback for her costume choice.

Christine Nelson, Reporting cnelson@kltv.com


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