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Energy Being Sucked From Your Homes

Lurking right inside our own homes are dozens of silent vampires, sucking the money right out of our pockets and the energy from our homes.

"I have the TV, and the cable box, and the DVD player," said Jessica Moore.  "We have cell phone chargers, alarm clocks, vanity mirrors, and radios and computers."

Jessica is like most people, lots of little electronic gadgets--things we use pretty much everyday. But many of those little items, run on electricity, which in turn, cost you more money in your energy bills.

"Most of the time I think the electric bill just comes from the lights, and the washing machine and the clothes dryer," Jessica said.  "I don't ever think of the stuff that's plugged in that's not really working."

In the United States, 5 percent of the electrical energy used goes to standby power.  That energy amounts to about $4 billion each year.  And by 2010, that number could rise to 20 percent--equal to $16 billion each year.

And some law makers are concerned, proposing a bill that would require labels to be added to everything from cell phone chargers to coffee makers, letting you know just how much energy they are using.

Energy and money Jessica said she will try to be a little more savvy about.  

"We'll be unplugging everything," she said.

 It's a smart move to keep from experiencing horror every time we open our electric bills.


Layron Livingston, Reporting.


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