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10/31/2007-Smith Co.

Arrest Affidavit From Whitman

New details about the death of an East Texas toddler allegedly killed by his babysitter. The arrest affidavit reveals he may have been intoxicated.

2 year old Malaki Dick was found dead last Thursday night in the arms of 37 year old Michael Whitman. Today KLTV 7 went through the arrest affidavit and has more details of that night.

The search warrant reveals that Malaki appeared to be "pale and blue in color and observed multiple contusions on the child's face and ligature marks on both of the child's wrists and ankles."

"Blood and water was coming out of the child's mouth and he looked as if he had been beat and tied up by the cuts and bruises to his body," the document said. 

The document also reveals that Whitman was intoxicated. It says the officer "observed that Whitman's eyes appeared to be blood shot and glassy, Whitman was extremely unsteady on his feet, his pupils were constricted, and a strong odor of an alcoholic was emitting from his breath and person. Affiant further observed in the master bedroom two 40 oz. bottles of beer, one of which was opened."

The affidavit also said that Whitman was alone with Malaki and does not have a reasonable explanation for the death.

Tool Police said they are still waiting on autopsy results to come back.

Danielle Capper, Reporting


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