Pasture Party Busted, Authorities Expect More

Spring brings many exciting times for high schoolers... things like prom and graduation.

But, authorities say it's also a time when kids start gathering at pasture parties.

Smith County authorities and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission busted one such party last Friday on County Road 15.

They say 20 kids were there, and at least five were ticketed for underage drinking.

Ken Tollis with T.A.B.C. says these parties are hard to bust, because the kids find obscure places in the county to hold the gatherings.

"We probably don't find one out of 20," Tollis Said. "But you hear about them later, or you hear the aftermath when somebody gets killed."

Authorities are telling parents and teachers to be aware of any parties they may hear about. The parties are especially dangerous because they almost alway involve drinking and driving.

Tollis says the spring school semester, when weather is warm is the peak season for pasture parties. They are also prevalent around the start of football season.