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Huge "Report on Reports" Spotlights State Bureaucracy

A state agency in a new 668-page report declares state government is producing too many reports.

The report on "Required Reports" was itself required by the state Legislature.  They wanted to see if they are ordering too many reports.

An East Texas lawmaker tells KLTV they sure have their answer. 

It's purely a report on bureaucracy in Texas.  It takes nearly a ream-and-a-half of paper to print.  And lists more than 1,600 state reports.  Many are long out-of-date.

"It's an embarassment.  It's an embarassment on the Legislature itself," says State Sen. Kevin Eltife, R-Tyler.  

The reports were all required by an act of legislators somewhere down through time.

"A lot of these reports sit on a shelf.  Someone required an agency to do a report. They have to do it. The legislature required it, and now it's sitting on a shelf," Eltife said.

"That's a lot of wasted manpower."

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission was ordered to create this massive report, and the research continues.  Among what they found is that dozens of Equal Employment Opportunity Reports are obsolete now, replaced by modern reports.  There are reports for agencies that no longer even exist, and required financial reports that date from the days of handwritten ledgers.

"Luckily it's been pointed out and spotlighted, so we might be able to cut through the red tape and get rid of this garbage," Eltife said. 

The Commission was overwhelmed themselves about how many reports there are in state government.  They couldn't get this report done in time for the legislative session earlier this year.

So, in two years, there will be another "report on reports" perhaps listing even more.

Senator Eltife said he and others will push to get rid of a lot of needless paperwork.  There's no dollar estimate for the savings yet , but the report says there are thousands of hours wasted by state workers.

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