7 On Your Side: Target Changes Return Policy For Gift Registries

As Amanda Willingham, the future Mrs. Tyler Lloyd, tries on wedding dresses at Brides and Belles in Tyler there's still a list of other details to finalize for her winter wedding in January.

"It's crazy because it's like colors, decorations, and flowers," says Amanda.

The one thing that is set is where she decided to register: Target's Club Wedd.

"My fiance loves Target. His family loves Target!," Amanda exclaims.

But don't be caught off guard with Target's new policy when returning or exchanging an item from a gift registry which went into effect in August.

If you receive a duplicate gift, and don't have the receipt, you will not be allowed to return or exchange it.

Amanda adds, "It's fair but it's not fair. A lot of women or men don't bring a gift registry they just buy it. It's like they saw it one day but forgot the registry and just bought it. So they don't click it off [the registry list]."

7 On Your Side spoke with Target's corporate office who says, they're making their gift return/exchange policy consistent with their standard policy.

This is just going to mean the gift giver is going to have to be just as diligent, making sure to keep the receipt in case a bride or soon-to-be mom wants to take their gift back.

"I'm going to tell guests probably as they leave [the wedding],'do you have a receipt? do you have a receipt?,'" Amanda jokes.

In the past, Target would look up the purchase history log to verify an item was bought.  But that too will not be available.

"What am I going to do if I have too many gifts of the same thing?," Amanda says she asked herself after learning about the policy when she registered.

Now that the policy is unveiled, keeping up with gift receipts will be another detail brides like Amanda will have to vow to uphold.

When you sign up for a registry at Target, there should be several prompts to let you know that the gift receipt is required for returns or exchanges.

Same thing on the giving end, when you're buying off a registry you will be alerted as well.

Christine Nelson, Reporting cnelson@kltv.com