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Father Speaks of Son's Murder

A father wants answers after his two year old son was found murdered. Two year old Malaki James Dick was reportedly being cared for Thursday at his grandmother's house in Tool. His babysitter, Michael Lyndon Whitman, remains jailed on capital murder charges.

Just this afternoon, the boy's father sat down with KLTV.

"My son is in the hospital and you need to get here now," said Michael James Dick, Malaki's father.

Just after 10:30 Thursday night, Michael Dick got a frantic call. His two year old Malaki was dead and his babysitter Michael Lyndon Whitman, his grandmother's boyfriend, had been arrested for his murder.

"He didn't deserve this. What did he ever do to anybody? Love you unconditionally and now he is dead," said Michael.

Police say Malaki had bruises, deep cuts, and marks that may have come from him being tied up.

"Bruise rings almost like from being tied down," said Michael about seeing his son's body. "I looked at his wrist and it looked like they had tie-down marks. It seemed like my son's face was blue from the neck up than from the neck down."

Malaki's cause of death has not been determined yet, but his father has his own opinion.

"My two year and two month old son died drowning in his own blood or died gasping for his last breath," said Michael. "And that crazy psycho either stood over him or stood at the end of the bed and did nothing about it."

Michael said Malaki was a happy baby and was tough. When he did visit him he noticed bruises on his body, but his mother insisted they were from falling.

"He loved the movie Cars. Two years old and loved that movie. That is what I was going to get him for Christmas. Now this man has taken his future from me and his mother and I want to see him pay," said Michael.

"I just want answers as to why he did this. What his motive was, and I want to be in that courtroom for the whole trial. I want to see him get what he deserves," said Michael.

But while he waits for answers, all he has left are memories of little Malaki.

"I love him. I miss him. I wish I could have been there to prevent this," said Michael.

Tool Police said that they are waiting on autopsy results to determine Malaki's cause of death.

Friday we reported the mother, Tamara Overturf, had been taken to a local hospital after suffering a seizure. The father said she was released on Saturday.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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