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10/28/07-Hideaway Lake

Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story In A New Book

Friends and family went to Hideaway Lake by the hundreds Saturday to support Dody Stovall, an Ovarian Cancer survivor for 17 years.  Dody was on hand, signing the book she and other survivors co-wrote, about their experiences with the illness.  Dody said she's just a nobody, but she said she hopes her story can be an inspiration for anyone living with cancer.

"It's a book of hope and courage for all cancer patients really, and especially Ovarian Cancer patients," said Stovall.  "I never did ask God to heal me.  I never felt the need to ask that.  I just wanted him to use me, and when I'm all used up, then I'll fly away."  Most women who are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer die within three to five years of finding out they have the illness.  Dody and the women who wrote the book are members of the only ovarian cancer support group in the state of Texas.

The book, called, "TORCH:  Tales of Remarkable Courage and Hope," is available on, and the proceeds will go to ovarian cancer research.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.


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