Unopposed for Election, Tyler's New Mayor Looks to Future

"I was surprised, I thought I would have an opponent but I'm gratified that people in Tyler are happy with what's going on in the city."

So, there won't be a mayoral campaign for Joey Seeber.  No one filed by the deadline to go against him. When he takes office next month, this councilman for six years will shift chairs, taking the helm of a city he says is the envy of the state.

"We have cities from all over the state that call us on a weekly basis; they want to know what's going on in the city of Tyler.  How it is that we're able to deliver the services that we deliver, yet have the lowest tax rate in the state."

He says the city faces constant challenges, nothing new... just the growing pains as more people move to Tyler.

"The kinds of issues we deal with at the city aren't the sexy issues, we deal with potholes, streets, traffic, public safety."

Seeber inherits a council that he says has worked together well.  He also inherits the plan for Tyler's future ... The Blueprint.  He says sticking to it is what has streamlined city government for the past six years.

"It takes vigilance to have what we've seen in the city in the last six years, it doesn't just happen."

He wants to see the city and the county work together more closely.  There will be a new county judge in November.

Also, he says the city will be there for TISD as it considers another bond package for the city's schools.  And, Seeber says he wants to be the mayor of all of Tyler. That while the city grows mainly to the south, he, and the council will work for everyone.

"I don't like to hear about North Tyler and South Tyler, "Old Tyler" and "New Tyler", I want to deal with Tyler. What are the needs of the entire city?"

Seeber takes charge on May 8.  He says as long as he's on watch, the city will stay very strong.