Texas Ranks Dead Last in Immunizations

"I don't like shots," says 12 year old Ambrosia Taylor; but she's getting two immunizations today. When it came time to get stuck, she didn't even flinch though because she knows that immunizations are important.

"It helps you in lots of ways."

In fact, immunizations help prevent diseases from spreading and actually save lives, which is why the Smith County Public Health District is sponsoring Shots Across Texas. It is a free program Smith County is offering where kids can get all their necessary shots for free.

"Basically my children need them and plus its free and they are wonderful people here," says Alicia Taylor, Ambrosia's mom.

Jannis Thomas of the Health District says immunization are important because right now Texas is ranked dead last compared to other states in getting children immunized.

It is especially important for kids to continue to get their immunizations as they get older as well. "We're pretty high with kids starting their vaccinations but as they get older they tend to lag off and get lax on bringing their children in.," says Thomas.

But that won't be a problem for Ambrosia and her brother Andrew because there mom took care of their shots right on time.