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10/25/07 - Longview

Longview Ministry Uses "Godtube" To Spread The Gospel

The Internet is the place to go to see some new, funny, and even controversial videos. You can check some out on YouTube and even KLTV. com, but have you ever heard of "God tube"?   It's a web site that is sweeping the nation. And as KLTV's LaKecia Shockley reports, one East Texas ministry is reeling in believers one web hit at a time.  

Connecting Christians world wide! That's what "God tube", a Dallas based web site, has set out to do. "People hear about it, so they're going to check it out. You reach people and you expose people to the message-- just simply by being on the Internet, says Rose Heights youth Minster, Chris Reid. With over 29,000 video clips, "God tube" is the world's largest Christian web site, that's inspiring churches like Rose Heights, to spread the gospel. "We want to exalt and lift up the name of Jesus Christ, and we believe the gospel is good news and that's what gospel means. We're here to present a good news message," said Tommy Jackson, Rose Heights associate pastor. "We want young people and teenagers to have a 180 degree turn in their life. If they're going one way and it's a way that, obviously we believe, is a pathway of destruction, we want them to turn and go the other way--the straight way," said Reid. 

From dancing and singing to drama skits,"Oneighty" produces video performances in house and posts them on "God tube", in hopes of reaching believers and unbelievers. "There are going to be people that aren't believers and that don't feel the same way that we do, and will come to the web site and check it out. Hopefully, we can in some way, meet their needs with the message of Jesus Christ," said Reid. 

A message that's being spread globally through "God tube" --one click at a time. 

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. lshockley@kltv.com

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