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A Better East Texas: Smith County Jail Guest Commentary Walter Lindsey

A new jail for Smith County has created considerable debate lately. Fortunately a group of community leaders with opposing views are working to make sure you understand the issue. I invited each of them to appear on this segment. Today you will hear from those who want you to vote against the upcoming bond election.

Walter Lindsey says

     "There are three basic points of opposition."

     "Judgement and credibility - after being in their new jobs for six months our judge and commissioners voted themselves raises ranging from 30% to 45%.   This did not show good judgment.   East texas culture shows we value logical decisions, a conservative approach to almost everything and especially controlling taxes."

     "It's a bad idea.   The 2006 jail bond that failed asked for $83 million.   Now they are asking for $125 million. 50% more for fewer beds. What part of no do they not understand?  the average value of a home in Smith county is $121k. This bond will spend $90k for each bed space."

     "The project keeps changing and growing. Before we finish the headlines could read "the jail that ate Tyler."

     If you share our concerns, don't like what you are hearing or seeing be sure you vote no on this one!

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