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10/24/7 - Kilgore

7 Questions With Eric King & Cody Murphy

Reid: You guys have been friends since before kindergarten, what's it like playing football with your best friend?
Eric King: We know each other, and we know that we're on the same page and we feel like if we stick together, we can accomplish anything.

Reid: How'd the friendship start?
Cody: We grew up in the same apartments.  Our grandmas lived in the same apartments, so we'd just go out and play throw and catch.

Reid: How many text messages do you think you send over a month?
Eric: Over a thousand, I know.

Reid: What's your favorite movie?
Cody: Friday.
Reid: The original? How about the sequels?
Cody: Not as good as the first one.

Reid: Who's your dream date?
Cody: Christina Milan
Reid: Where would you take her?
Cody: McDonalds.
Reid: Nice.

Reid: What do you listen to before games?
Cody: L'il Wayne. Plies. Anything motivational.

Reid: What's it like to catch a touchdown pass from your best friend?
Cody: It makes it a lot easier for us. I know after I come out of my steps and into my route, the ball's going to be coming. I don't have to worry about it.

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