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10/24/07 - California

California Wildfires Continue To Rage Out Of Control

After three days of a vicious firestorm, exhausted firefighters and restless residents are hoping for a reprievetoday, but forecasters say that could still be days away.

Firefighters saythere's little they can do to stop fierce wildfires driven by Santa Anawinds that aren't expected to subside anytime soon.

Six people are reporteddead and at least 1800 homes have been destroyed by the wildfires. One bitof good news: close to 50-thousand people in San Diego were allowed to return home last night.

President Bush has declared seven California counties federal disaster areas, which will provide much-needed aid to the wildfire-ravaged region.

 FEMA Administrator David Paulison and his boss, HomelandSecurity Secretary Michael Chertoff are both on the ground in California tooversee Federal efforts in the area and to see what more can be done fromWashington.

President Bush will also hold a cabinet meeting today to discuss the California Wildfires.

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