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10/23/07 - Ore City

Ore City School Alerts Parents of Staph Infection

Ore City elementary school alerted parents that a student at their campus has a staph infection. School officials said, as far as they know, it is not the deadly Mersa - or drug resistant strain. KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley, talked to one fearful parent who's taking extra steps to make sure her children do not become infected.

On any given week day 9 -year-old Faith Capps and 6 -year- old Skylar Clements would have been at school but not Today. "They won't return to school until I know that the school is properly cleaned and my kids are safe to go back to school,"said concerned mother Jennifer Byrd.  Jennifer decided to keep her kids home from school, after Ore City's principal sent a note home to parents, stating that a kindergarten student was diagnosed with a staph infection over the weekend. "I'm not going to send my kids to a place that I know is unsanitary and where they're going to come home and end up sick,"said Byrd. After KLTV contacted Ore City school officials, they met Today, to discuss what would be done to make sure other students wouldn't get sick. "We are going to try to take some extra precautions and disinfect more on all of our campuses, to make sure the infection doesn't spread from one campus to another. We've encouraged our students to take extra precautions in hand washing, and we're cleaning all of our classrooms," said Ore City superintendent Lynn Heflin. 

School officials say teachers will wipe down all desk, disinfect tables, chairs, and keyboards. And for parents like Jennifer, hopefully she won't have to miss work. "I would miss work to make sure my kids don't get sick, because if they get sick that's more work that I'm going to have to miss," said Byrd.

 Ore City school officials said they don't know where the student contracted the staph infection. And they are still taking precautions to make sure other students do not get infected.

LaKecia Shockley, reporitng. Lshockley@kltv.com

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