High Winds Cause Damage in East Texas

Stormy weather and straight line winds downed power lines and trees in Atlanta.

It was around 8 Saturday morning the storms blew through the community, smashing through trees and downing power lines. The biggest impact was along highway 77 where straight line winds pulled huge trees out of the ground by the roots. Unlike tornadoes which announce their arrival with a rumble, locals say this storm gave no advanced warning. The local hospital, Atlanta Memorial, was also hit as winds ripped the roof off of one area and shattered windows. Several area businesses were also damaged by the winds, and a cpmvenience store on Hwy. 59 had its roof overhang completely torn off.

Cars were even crushed under some of the debris at area businesses. Power crews were out for most of the day trying to repair lines that fallen trees had cut... As hundreds of residents remain without power. As the process of cleaning up now begins... No injuries have been reported.