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10/22/2007-Smith Co.

Citizens Voice Opinions At Jail Public Meeting

It was "standing room only", Monday night, to talk about arguably the biggest vote Smith County residents will cast this year. There were some angry words during the public hearing at Commissioner's Court about the proposed jail.

"I don't think you guys have a clue. I am being honest with you. I would not vote for one thing you propose," said Betty Moncrief a Smith County Resident.

"What is really specifically the cost of the five story jail?" asked Don Hefner, "69 million 325 thousand dollars was the answer."

Some received answers to questions, while others just voiced their opinion.

 "Lets get this job done. Dig the money out of your pocket books and get it done," said Mr. Bobbit who supports the proposed bond.

 "Consider what the public has to say. So far this year the public was against the raises you voted for yourself," said Barbara Nash another Smith County Resident.

"I have been in your shoes before," said Andy Bergfeld "The way I see it you have called the bond. It is either going to pass or fail." 

"What is the difference between a 10 story tower versus a 2 story? That is the question I am asking. I don't want a ballpark range. I assume you fellows have done some homework.

"Go up and visit your elected officials. Tour the facilities. Tour your own facilities and decide for yourself," said Russell Buffington "The numbers are in. You are going to pay one way or another. You are going to build a new jail or farm them out. I'd ask you to support the proposal. Go ahead and get this jail built."

With no more meetings scheduled the decision is now in the hands in the voters.

Early voting began Monday and runs through election day November 6th.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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