Bone Marrow Donor Needed for Gladewater Woman

A Gladewater woman is in desperate need of a bone marrow donor to save her life.

She's been a familiar face in Gladewater for years. Diane Wood, wife of former mayor Jackie Wood, has worked over the years for civic and charity organizations, from rodeos to golf tournaments. She's helped many people, but on Saturday she will ask someone to help her.

Wood was diagnosed in July with lymphoblastic leukemia, underwent chemotherapy, and is in remission.  But she needs a bone marrow transplant to keep the disease from coming back and to survive.  Making the procedure more difficult, she has a very rare chromosome in her marrow that requires an exact donor match. A search on an international bone marrow registry which has over four million people on it, has turned up no answers.

Now The United Way organization "Because I Care" has stepped in to hold a tissue typing drive at the Longview Mall Saturday in an effort to find wood a match.  They hope people will understand the life saving importance of drive.

The disease moves quickly and has taken a lot out of Wood, who says she is sad that she can't get out to help other people. And she has made peace with her own mortality by taking stock of her personal affairs in the event that she does not get a donor. She hopes that this awareness will at least help someone else. The tissue typing drive will be held Saturday from 11 to 4 at the Longview mall.