Ron Kirk Thanks East Texas Democrats for their Votes

Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk thanked East Texas Democrats today for keeping him in the race for the U.S. Senate seat.

Kirk is vying for votes on the platform that he'll roll up sleeves and go to work for the "everyday people" like those in Smith County. He says his opponent Victor Morales has a message that resonates, but lacks the vision and experience to make a difference in the United States Senate.

Kirk told people at Democratic Headquarters he needed their vote and he hopes his recent endorsement by former Senate hopeful Ken Bentsen helps.

"It's very important. Obviously congressman Bentsen finished a very respectable third place," says Ron Kirk. "That's 270,000 votes that are going to be very important in the democratic primary because of my strong ties to the Bentsen family having worked with them in Washington I think that will help."

Kirk told Smith County voters he wants to work with their city and county leaders to get the kind of education, healthcare and social security legislation that will most benefit the people of Texas.

The run-off election with Morales is on April 9th.