Azalea Trails Forecast Could be Soggy

First it was the cold, now it's the rain that could threaten Tyler's Azalea Trails.

After a late freeze in February, the azaleas are finally blooming in the second week of the tourist event.

Currently about 50 % of the flowers along the 8 mile trail are blooming.

Tourists took advantage of the clear Good Friday Skies that will turn grey come this weekend. So now the worry shifts to whether or not the azaleas and their blooms will survive a potential downpour.

"We just hope that we won't have any hard thunderstorms," says Dawn Parnell, Tyler Chamber of Commerce. "Hopefully it will just give them the water that they need and won't blow them off. Sometimes the wind can also pose a problem but we will just hope for the best."

Being that it's Easter weekend, the Tyler Chamber of Commerce was already expecting the Azalea Trail to be less travelled, even if it does rain.