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Freedom Fighters: Lester Sutton

Lester Sutton fought in five major European Campaigns during World War Two including Normandy, Rhineland, Battle of the Bulge, Central Europe, and Southern France. In spite of the numerous casualties in these fiercely fought battles, it was at the Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Germany that Sutton saw death at its' worst.

Sutton says bodies were piled so high, their captors couldn't burn them fast enough and dug trenches to contain many of the bodies. fifty six thousand prisoners died at the camp, seven thousand of them Jews. Sutton says he and the other Americans who freed the camp were so angry and just couldn't understand how anyone cold treat others in such a terrible way. After four years, eight months and twenty-four days of active service, Lester Sutton returned home, proud to have helped his country preserve our freedom.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting

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