Parents Find School Insurance Not Enough

Texas high school athletes who suffer game injuries may not be adequately covered by many schools. Sixteen year old Matthew Ford was an iron man football star for Hawkins High School last season. Playing both offensive and defensive guard. But on the home field in November his season and his possible future was setback with a massive knee injury.

It was a freak accident in the final game of the season.  One of his own teammates was knocked into him and rolled on his knee. Matthew had practically torn his knee apart.  The medial, lateral, and anterior ligaments were damaged... and over three and half hours of surgery were required to put his knee back together. A long process of therapy was ahead... But Matthews mother was shocked to find that the schools insurance only covered part of the medicals bills which soon totaled over thirty thousand dollars.

The school, like many others, provides athletes with only a supplemental medical plan. U.I.L.offices in Austin told us that there is no standard as far as insurance on Texas high school athletes, it is up to the schools to decide what coverage they offer.  That doesn't help the Ford family because their insurance has run out, and Matthew still needs therapy and a corrective brace to recover. Tina Ford works at the family business in Hawkins and says she doesn't have the resources to go any further medically... But she fears for other parents who may be in the same situation.