Alleged Theft Ring Broken Up in Henderson County

"They stole one, the guy had bought that day, he still had it in the back of his pick up and they stole it. That's how brazen these people were," says Investigator Ron Shield.

In a flash, at least 25 people had four wheelers, trailers, and flatbeds stolen from them. Often times, right under their noses.

"My four wheeler was sitting in the back of the house right almost up at the back door. I had a little dog on the back porch but low and behold the next morning it's gone," says victim Jerry Vaught. And Mr. Vaught thought his ATV was gone and forgotten forever but it wasn't.

"The right law enforcement officer person got on it and he dogged it to death and he got it he got it recovered," says Vaught.

Mr. Vaught's A.T.V. was recovered thanks to the shrewd investigation of Henderson County Investigator Ron Shields and a helping hand from the Texas Rangers and Game Wardens. Mr. Vaught's four wheeler was found hundreds of miles away in the West Texas town of Graham. Stolen and resold, Investigator Shields says, because of a crime ring. At least nine men and women involved in the theft operation stole items and resold the ATV's and trailers to people at cheap prices across the state. It is believed the theft ring stole more than $250,000 worth of items. Investigator Shields says that is the best part about this investigation because he was able to give people back what was stolen from them.