Could You Have Pre-Diabetes?

Susan Ryan is worried that she might have "pre-diabetes"...a type of high blood sugar that could put her in risk of getting full blown diabetes. While she was tested just three years ago...her concerns today have brought her to Dr. Castillo. "I was all right at that time," Ryan says. "But, I have gained quit a bit a weight since that time and so now I think there's a problem."

Being pro-active is exactly what the government is now urging. Guidelines released yesterday by the American Diabetes Association suggest that people who are 45 years and older get tested--especially if you're overweight. And, younger adults should also get a test if they are overweight, have bad cholesterol, high blood pressure.

While some people are born with diabetes, others develop type two. It's when you body looses the ability to turn blood sugar into energy. Million of people could be festering it's early signs Dr. Sherry Jo Castillo explains, "There's a lot of people walking around and don't realize that they have diabetes," she tells. "Because they don't develop the symptoms of diabetes."

Those symptoms of increased thirst and hunger along with frequent urination usually don't occur for three to five years, when it's too late. But a simple blood test can prevent that. That's why Susan isn't taking any chances.

If your results come are normal--you're asked to repeat the test every three years. If the test is positive for pre-diabetes, doctors recommend walking 30 minutes a day and losing weight. The drug, metaformin can also reduce the risk of diabetes by nearly a third.