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A Better East Texas: Smith County Jail – Guest Commentary – Herb Buie

A new jail for Smith County has created considerable debate lately. Fortunately a group of community leaders with opposing views are working to make sure you understand the issue. I invited each of them to appear on this segment. Today you will hear from those who want you to vote for the upcoming bond election.

Hello my name is Herb Buie and I am the Chairman of the Build the Jail Committee.  Both our group and the opposition agree that we need a new jail.  The need is undeniable and long overdue. The plan put together by the Commissioners Court and the Citizens' volunteer group is a good plan.  It was developed by some of the best experts in the nation.  The plan includes space for 1384 inmates with room to grow to a total of 1864 beds, exceeding our jail bed needs for the next twenty years. Homeowners who are 65 and over will pay no additional property taxes on their homesteads as a result of this bond election.  Your property taxes are frozen and will not go up if you vote for the jail project.  It is time to invest in our security.  If we wait to build, the costs will continue to rise, so we can pay now or pay even more in the future. 

Finally, I would ask you to ignore the opposition's campaign of misinformation.  Learn the facts at www.BuildTheJail.com.  Make an informed decision.  We ask you to vote forthe bond election on November 6, 2007.

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